Tools for the tax processing of investment funds

Mapping investment funds correctly for tax purposes is a major challenge. It is necessary to determine the correct values from more than 700 reported data fields and to check this annually for legal changes.


Failure to take tax values into account, however, is not a solution either, as this either leads to an unnecessarily high tax burden or to a higher tax burden. in the worst case, can lead to financial criminal proceedings.


For some time now, the majority of funds marketed in Austria have been delivered according to a uniform reporting scheme. This was the impetus for us to develop an IT tool that determines the correct values with just a few entries and automatically issues a report for the tax return.

Wir haben DIE Lösung für die richtige und einfache Besteuerung Ihrer Investmentfonds. Unser Tool ermittelt alle Kennzahlen für die Steuererklärung vollautomatisch und mandantenfähig.

Testversionen für Juristische Personen und Privatstiftungen vorhanden.


Kosten für Vollversion: gemäß Anfrage


Direct reading of data from profitweb, therefore no input errors

Only pieces per payout to supply

Report with key figures for tax return

No special tax knowledge required

Gem. Cat. Fund Directive 2018

Version for legal entities and for private foundations (with representation of str. AKo)

Already in use at more than 150 banks and tax consultants


Download of the temporary test versions

Versions offer full functionality